Introductory Meeting of Our Project Was Held

The Introductory Meeting of Our Project “Enhancing YOUTH (18-26) Employability in Bakery Sector” was held in Bursa Provincial Directorate of Food Agriculture and Livestock with broad participation.

The meeting was started with the opening speech of Institute Director Yıldıray İstanbullu.  Deputy Governor Abidin Ünsal, Bursa Provincial Director of Food Agriculture and Livestock Hacı Dursun Yıldız, BESAŞ General Director Mustafa Bektaş, Head of Bursa Chamber of Bakers Mustafa Çakıroğlu and National Agency Project Expert Yunus DUMAN were attended the meeting.

Deputy Governor Abidin ÜNSAL said in his speech that bakers have a lot of responsibilities considering food safety and hygiene. He emphasized that the works should not be practical but should be implemented on field.

The meeting was proceeded with the presentations of BESAŞ Deputy General Director Hakkı GÜLŞEN and Food Engineer Sibel TOKAT and a cocktail afterwards.






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