The workshop of our project was held in Central Research Institute of Food and Feed Control, Gen Bank Meeting Room on January 3th, 2019.

Bursa Agriculture and Forestry Director Hamit Aygül, Institute Director Yıldıray İstanbullu, BESAŞ General Director Mustafa Bektaş, Head of the Bursa Chamber of Bakers Mustafa Çırakoğlu and projects beneficiaries attended the workshop.

During the workshop, theoretical knowledge was transferred to attendees. It is indicated that, four handbooks were prepared within the project, which are best bread production, sensory analysis, hygiene & sanitation and legislation. Participants were informed about food legislation. The web page of the project, social media instruments and mobile phone application were introduced. Printed materials of the project and CD’s containing the handbooks were given to the attendees and then they took their sertificates.