The Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project submitted to Ministry of European Union with the name “Enhancing YOUTH (18-26) Employability in Bakery Sector” prepared by Central Research Institute of Food and Feed and Bursa Bread and Food Industry and Trade Inc. (BESAŞ) was decided to be funded. The national partner of the project is General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policy whereas the local partner is Bursa Provincial Directorate of Food Agriculture and Livestock. The international partners are; – Center of Food and Fermentation Techniques (TFTAK, Estonia) – The National Institute of Research & Development for Food Bioresources (IBA, Romania) The project, being a solution for young people willing to have professional skill and knowledge in bakery sector, aims; – to create an opportunity for employability in bakery sector for undereducated young with providing them free and innovative training materials, – to integrate young into labor market and prepare them for professional life, – to develop flexible and smart training materials and innovative approaches (methodologies, tools and applications) to young employees in bakery sector for their personal and professional improvement – to increase the quality of personnel working in bakery sector. The project was started with the Opening Conference on 01 October 2017 in Bursa and will last for 18 months. Within the context of the project, 4 handbooks will be prepared which are; – Best Bread Production, – Sensory Analysis, – Hygiene and Sanitation, – EU and Turkey legislation. Besides these handbooks; e-learning training materials, smart phone applications and web-page will be composed for the young taking steps to bakery sector. There will also be trainings for the targeted group in Bursa, organized by Central Research Institute of Food and Feed and BESAŞ. Project involves 5 day long training in Estonia for training of sensory analysis of bread. Another 5 day long training will be in Romania where participants will visit Bread Production Pilot Facility and observe the production of different kinds of bread.